Breaking News: Cats Can Eat Yogurt

If you ever wanted to know…

This morning I tried something new…. called break fast? breakfast? brefes? Anyways I actually ate in the morning, which is totally something I normally reserve for when I get to work and about 30 minutes in decide to go to the cafe to “feed my brain” so I can be “productive”. But this time I did it at home, in bed after this other new thing I am trying called morning yoga.

Honey flavored Greek yogurt with more honey and blueberries on top- Somehow I figured I could live without granola when I went grocery shopping, a choice I am now living to regret. I set the bowl down while I positioned myself for optimal bed eating and I noticed that Pilot the Cat was very attracted to it. So I scooped a bit on my finger to let him try it cuz he wouldn’t stop looking at me like freakin’ Tiny Tim on Christmas Day. To my surprise he LOVED IT! And I was like, oh shit I better Google this to make sure its OK for him to eat, because Google knows everything. Side note: Pilot is a very good eater, one time I got him to eat broccoli from my fork- not sure if it was because he was genuinely hungry for broccoli or because I do such a kick ass job seasoning it but he ate it and it was lit.

Google says:

Yes, cats can eat yogurt, in fact IT IS GOOD FOR THEM! It says your cat might need yogurt if it has an upset stomach, immune or digestion issues because the probiotic cultures that everyone raves about for humans also benefits them.

The only warning given about cats eating yogurt is to make sure it is unflavored because the sugars in flavored could have the opposite effect. YUCK. But if Mr. Whiskers is on the butt gravy train to ruining your house, slip him 5mL of yogurt before you feed him and hopefully the train will slow down, if you know what I mean. Also, I just tagged this post “cats diarrhea” how is your Friday going?

Ever seen a cat with a brain freeze? Spice up the experience by freezing yogurt in an ice cube tray, place in food dish, watch hilarity ensue. You’re welcome.


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