Super Food Blueberry Honey Parfait

Super easy, super healthy breakfast for those of us who wake up 30 minutes before it’s time to leave.

Eating in the morning has never really been my thing, in fact, the morning in general isn’t my thing. I am so blessed that my day job doesn’t start until 10am but I am sure it has spoiled me for any future 9-5 jobs, I routinely wake up at 8:30am when most people are already in their cars.

There is an art to waking up and only giving yourself the bare minimum minutes to accomplish what you need to do. It starts in high school, you discover quick, easy hairstyles, shower the night before, save the lengthy makeup looks for special occasions, maybe you have the foresight to plan an outfit or two. Now unless your mom was one of those “up at 6am to make lunches and coffee” moms or  the “I’ve got my shit together” kind you probably were getting your breakfasts from a cereal box, a vending machine or not at all. We have conditioned ourselves to be just fine without a morning meal even though all the experts tell us that it is uber important.

“It’s the most important meal of the day” they say, but we all know the most important meal of the day is the one you have before you start drinking.

Breakfast is quoted as aiding in weight loss and management, memory function, productivity, energy, cognitive functions and can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. It’s clearly a meal we are supposed to show some respect for, but if you are eating the wrong breakfast it’s probably just as bad if not worse than not eating at all.

Besides incorporating a healthy breakfast on this natural remedies journey, I also want to save more money, one of the best ways to start saving money is to eat at home. Blueberries were on sale this week at Kroger so I picked up two pints, some honey flavored greek yogurt, flax seeds and granola to create a Blueberry Honey Parfait. Not only is this parfait super easy and portable just in case I run out of time, it has so many super food qualities. It takes two seconds to make, costs less than buying breakfast at work and can help prevent against disease, will keep your skin looking radiant and solve all your tummies problems.

Kick heart disease, cancer, cholesterol, aging, indigestion and diabetes ass with this super food blueberry parfait:


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