Things I Need: Swearing Jewelry

The piece of “shit” ring you didn’t get for Christmas….

Bitch I got no feelings to go

Buzzfeed put together a list of 24 pieces of jewelry for the retired sailor in your life. Some are a tribute to past fuckboys, some a reminder to not be such a dick but all are fucking FANTASTIC!

I am particularly fond of the IDFWU pendant, the “Fuck You” ring set and the middle finger studs, but next time one of my girls has a birthday there is a 1000% chance I’m pulling up with the “Best Bitches” threesome necklace.

 I mean foreal, fuck how ya feel….

Click here see all 24 fucking pieces.

giphy (1).gif
Your mother would be appalled

 Probably not the greatest jewelry to wear at work or a family function but it’s damn sure the most opinionated.

 For the culture:


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