Honestly, Truly

How pretentious to name a website after yourself, right?

Welcome to it anyways, I am glad you have found my website, named after me, and that you might enjoy some of my revelations about life in your mid-20’s, how to naturally be more healthy or getting a cat to cure marriage fever (at least for now). I can’t promise that my opinions will change your life but hopefully they make you laugh a bit.

Adora Collins

Creator, Contributor, Planner

I have been told I am loud, opinionated, stubborn and passionate, beautiful, unique and unexpected. I have also been told I am awkward, funny and smart. But all of these things I have been told don’t hold a candle to what I think when I am hyping myself up for a social event-its a toss up between “Bitch, stop worrying about your panty lines” and “I CAME TO SLAY”.

dsc_6429I created this website to share my personal life experience, not so you will think my life is amazing and worthy of writing about, but so you will think your life is normal and relatable. Who else won’t judge you for taking your birth control with red wine? (true story) because at least you are planning ahead girlfriend!

The absolute truth is, even those who think they know what they are doing, have no clue. To be human is to wonder around googling shit- and even then Google presents you with a bunch of shit someone on the internet claimed to be true. No wonder millennials run around complaining about their trust issues. I am a mid-20’s something year old who is about to start lying about her age, with working knowledge of WordPress, if you like me, I love you. If you don’t, get the hell off my website! Just kidding but seriously, take that negativity somewhere else, ain’t no body got time for that!


Professional Bio

With 10 years experience, former promotional model Adora Collins specializes in digital marketing, brand activations and content strategy. She has worked with many different brands and loves to see what each one has to offer!  Her passion is her clients and her peers- She graduated from Clark Atlanta University with a Bachelor’s degree in the study of Fashion Merchandising which refined her understanding of consumer behavior, product marketing and the digital world we live in today. After working 5 years in corporate IT, she has an affinity for technology that translates to streamlined processes and key performance indicators backed up by reporting and results.

She strategizes according to the Hubspot Inbound Marketing Methodology which flips the focus from product based to consumer based and utilizes digital marketing to convey the value through information and offers. She is particularly fond of guerilla marketing tactics for small and large businesses, often finding new and affordable channels to utilize.

The unique combination of merchandising, technology and experiential marketing gave birth to the concept that we are all students, looking to learn more about the products and services we need. Helena Consulting aims to help companies translate exceptional products and services into campaigns that convey value and trustworthiness.