Natural Remedies

Long before we had CVS, there were natural remedies for almost every ailment.pexels-photo-115028

There was a concoction made out of flowers, tree sap or fruit for coughs, headaches, upset stomach, anxiety, eczema- you name it! Some wise person in the area who had been given the recipe and created their own would show up, slap it on and VIOLA! Let the healing begin.

Seems there are two types of humans, the kind that want relief and the kind that want a cure. Big Pharma caters to the kind that want relief, a band-aid to suffering so that life maybe a bit more bearable and longer. So they take those age old recipes and they study why it works, then they engineer those properties in a lab and spit out a nice neat pill. They design this pill to relieve the symptoms, correct an imbalance or kick-start some biological system, god bless them for all the good they have done for millions of people suffering from chronic and acute illnesses. However, just like anything in life, there is a price to pay to relieve suffering quickly- it comes in the form of leaky bowels (why is this always a side effect though?), a sex drive on E or FREAKIN’ SLEEP DRIVING (thanks ambien). It’s like they created it and said “Having to wear a diaper is totally worth being able to process insulin correctly, am I right guys?”. Not to mention the sheer expense that is having to take a medicine for the rest of your life. But as many people will tell you, it is worth it to be alive, diaper or not.

So who are the people who want cures? Don’t we all want cures?

pexels-photo-165228Yes, darlings, we would all like to be cured. The humans that want a cure are the type of humans who treat the cause, and the symptoms go when the cause is relieved. These humans are not afraid to eat, juice, soak, or change their lifestyle to help their illness. While I am absolutely light years away from being a doctor, I did change my life, gradually eliminating anxiety, stress hives, IBS, split ends, acne, fatigue and I am still working on my uterine fibroids. Not every remedy is going to work, or taste good for that matter, but I firmly believe that prevention is a major factor is getting and staying healthy. That’s why I share all my natural discoveries with my readers so they can incorporate super foods into everyday life.

Easy Natural Remedies for Everyday Health


2 thoughts on “Natural Remedies

  1. lorieb says:

    I agree 150% I have always hated the “bandaid” approach to medicine where you are given antibiotics or other prescriptions to treat the symptoms but not fix the problem. I much prefer (so does my body) the natural approach.

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    1. says:

      I think when I was trying to overcome anxiety was when I figured out that medicines being prescribed were shots in the dark about how to appease the body. I am glad you are much happier with your lifestyle adjustments, may not be as easy as a pill but its certainly worth it!

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