Atlanta Brunch Project

“I will drink as many mimosas as I have to…”

Originally I am from the Washington DC area, its a great town, great people. In fact it is so great that we must drink mimosas until we are day drunk and smoke hookah until we are lightheaded to remind ourselves every Sunday. This is called the DC Brunch culture. It’s so popular to brunch in DC that you can find a handful of lively options in almost every neighborhood and you can bet that orange tinted champagne is on most of the tables. wood-light-flowers-hotel

I used to be a nightlife bottle service waitress, Sunday’s are industry days when all the nightlife people climb out out of their night shift worker slumber and go get drunk with everyone to the top 40 music they literally saw and heard the night before – it’s amazing and I always got everything free.

Atlanta, not so much.

There are brunches in Atlanta, that’s true, but the difference is there are less party brunches and more actual brunches than should be allowed. It’s criminal that there are only a tiny handful of turnt up brunches in the city that invented gettin’ crunk and strip club all you can eat buffets (not confirmed but I have never been to city where they serve food in the club like they do here.) When my friends visit from DC and won’t let me rest for three days “trying to live like the rappers do” I want to end the binge weekend with a good ole fashion brunch, drunk off bottomless mimosas screaming “who is paying for the damn uber” when it’s time to leave…. where they at doe? *TI Voice*

Which is why I will drink as many mimosas as I have to in order to review the city’s best boozy brunch parties… fear not visitors, I will sacrifice myself for the good of the people.

The Best Brunches in ATL



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